Hi, I’m Alex Antoszek.

This is my public space. I write, create art & share my notes on this site.

I used to write daily and publish a new post every day. But, after 683 days in a row, I’m done. I want to write better. And I need more time than just a day. You can read my old daily blog here.

I also occasionally write in Polish, my mother tongue.

Why In Search For Balance?

Balance is everything. Balance is my life philosophy. As I discover different philosophies, ideas for living, balance always keeps popping up. So that’s what I’m looking for.

Who are you even, dude?

I used to have a lengthy about page. Now I don’t. In a few words: a student, writer, creator, artist & community host from Krakow, Poland. Terribly minimalistic, passionately optimistic. Introvert who likes people. You can contact me here.

Latest Posts

The Burden of Privileges - April 27th

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What I’m doing now

It looks like the pandemic is finally going away. Who knows if it's for real this time. Had my first dose a few weeks ago, waiting for the second one. May & June have been pretty intensive so far, and I'm excited to rest in the coming weeks. Looks like some off-grid travel is coming up, finally going to unplug, for real.

For the past few months, I've been going on bike rides, almost every day. Best way to get exercise, clear the mind, and refresh the body.

Finished up another year of education, hooray - I guess. Excited to do some solid work during the summer, especially more writing. Oh, and I need to visit every friend I haven't had the chance to visit because of 'rona.

Last updated: June 13th, 2021 from Kraków, Poland.