Not Enough Fuel


I've been writing on this blog every single day for almost a year. A year. It still sounds too crazy to be true. I could never have imagined how far could this go.

All it took was a simple idea.

Today, I recorded a podcast episode with my friend. I was a guest on his podcast, that is. He was asking me about life, things I do, things I did etc. Just a casual chat. Yet, at some point, he asked me about this blog. The question was something along the lines of How have you managed to write a new post every single day? Where do you get all that motivation?.

Once you build a habit out of something, it's really not that hard to continue doing it. Right now, writing this blog is a pleasure for me. Not a chore by any means. It's just easy and automated.

But still, sometimes there are moments when I feel like I'm totally out of fuel. In those moments, even such an activity as writing this blog becomes incredibly hard to do.

What's the solution? How can we re-fuel?

My solution is simple: just disconnect. Not just from the Internet, but from your responsibilites, friends, family, even thoughts. Just get away for a while.

Some may say; I can't get away from my family!. You always can. Go for a 5 minute walk. Sit down in the corner of your room for a short while and breathe deeply.

A great thing about life is that fuel is always around us. Within us, even. We're just not noticing it often enough.

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