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Third Time’s A Charm

As the new year approaches, I’m excited to present you another photograph from my yearly “Man In the Internet” series, titled “Third Time’s A Charm”.

“Man In the Internet” is my longest-running series, starting all the way back in 2017. These photographs served as my public profile photos all over the web. A long time ago I decided to not share my face online, and these artworks served perfectly as a substitute.

Each photo represents a reflection of the passing year, and a theme for the new year. They are very personal; ultimately I am the only person that can fully decipher them. Nonetheless, I think their uniqueness and evolution over the years can provide artistic value to all viewers.

This year’s photo, “Third Time’s A Charm” is about trying, failing, and ultimately succeeding. It’s about those moments, when we feel we’re close to success, but we ultimately fail. The waves represent the attempts, the amplitude of life’s successes and failures.

Trying is always worth it; no matter if you succeed.

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