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Focus is a skill. A virtue. Something we can learn, but also loose. It’s an elusive feeling. We might feel focused for months, years, but one day – we might realize we’ve been focusing on the wrong thing all that time.

No focus – no results. Without any sort of direction, topic, theme, it’s almost impossible to achieve, to create anything. Our mind is wonderfully curious, yet it needs a sort of filter to tame that curiosity. Like a racing horse and its blinders – it stays focused on the track in front.

Yet, all focus means all stress and ego. When there’s a single goal, a single subject of our focus – our life becomes tense, as we go mad over this individual thing. We start taking pride in all that focus, feeling better about ourselves.

What’s your focal point? Is it singular? Do you notice the foreground outside this point? How about the background? Is it even there?

Focus strongly influences who you are. And it’s something you yourself can choose. Do so wisely.

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