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One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is timing. This uncontrollable, elusive, unpredictable aspect of life.

How many things would’ve gone differently, if the timing was different? They’d still happen (we’re not altering that), but on a different timeline. What if you got that job later? What if your parents had divorced earlier? Had met her at your 25th, not 23rd birthday?

I imagine the world as if everyone was dancing. I’m a terrible dancer, but I love dancing. I like to think that all of us are dancing, a different type of dance, at a different tempo. Yet, somehow, we sync & match, sometimes.

Or like gears - we propel each other by constantly rotating. But the gears constantly shift, like in a gearbox - sometimes this gear with that one, other times the other.

Regardless, timing is where the beauty lies - in its elusiveness, it makes us helplessly susceptible to the charades of time.

They who play time may win, but the win will never make them at peace.

Peace is to dance. As time dictates.

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