Compounding Creativity


Last week I gave a talk on creativity. It was creative, to say the least. If you'd like to watch it, let me know, it's in Polish though. I have long believed and still believe that creativity is necessary for a fulfilling life.

This site is my little corner. My art gallery. A tiny speck in an ocean of creations. Small, but unique, mine. It's worth keeping up solely for that fact.

My grandpa wrote a book. I never imagined he'd write a book. What would he write about? I come from a simple family, few of us had higher education, no one ever wrote a book.

The book is about life. And cycling. It's a story of battling cancer, building resilience, finding joy in hard work. I was blown away by it. So proud of my grandpa.

One of my best friends started writing poetry. She's really good. I'm not a big poetry person, but her work is truly powerful and transformative. Goes straight to the heart. She's keeping it private for now, but man, it's damn good.

When I see people around me create, I feel such incredible power. There's this inexplicable combo of creative energy that compounds with every creation multiplied by the number of people creating. I feel inspired, hopefully the feel inspired too.

Go on, create, unleash, express. There's nothing better you can do.

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