Hi, I'm Alex Antoszek.

He/Him. I know "Alex" goes many ways in English.

This is my little corner on the web. I've been writing every single day since May 19th, 2019 on this site. Currently at 600+ posts and counting.

Quick bio

I'm a writer, creator, artist & host. Spending most of my time as a full-time student finding new ways to grow.

Here's how to contact me.

Long bio

I'm not good at describing myself

I'm a creator, thinker, maker, student, teacher. Ask many questions everywhere, at all times. Like an annoying little kid. I currently spend most of my time as a full-time student. Other than that, I write and create on this website, run Produktywny Uczeń - the first website in Polish for students about more effective and nuanced learning. I also host various communities, offline and online.

Loving my place on Earth

I'm based in Krakow, Poland. This is where I was born and grew up. I love this place. Sure, as all places it has it's downsides. But, for now, I like living here. It truly feels like my place. I don't rule out moving someplace else in the future. I love travelling, learning about new cultures, so moving sounds like something I might do.

Always learning

By most measures, I am young. In the first 1/3 of my (presumed) lifespan. Still much left to explore, much to do. Hence, I'm devoting most of my time to learning; through my studies, through reading, through participation. My default position is that I don't know anything. It makes things much easier than assuming that I do know. Harder to burn yourself and live on false presumptions.

I hope this learning-first mindset will stay for the rest of my life.

Proud generalist with specialist ambitions

I have many interests. Possess knowledge in various fields. Learn about all of them on an almost weekly basis. Here's a list of what I'm most interested in:

Primary interests

  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Education

Secondary interests

  • Art & art history
  • Geography
  • Urban planning
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Study of cultures
  • Design

Tertiary interests

  • Web development
  • Productivity
  • Geometry
  • Music
  • Team optimization & organizational psychology
  • Cycling
  • Systems & process design

I care about my people

I don't know who I necessarily mean by my people. But I know that I care about them deeply. I am willing to give everything to them, serve them, help them. By all means I am here on this planet for others, not for myself. In some sense, all people are my people, but I can't possibly care (to the level I want) about everyone on the planet. So I care about those around me, whether I "like" them or not.

A staunch minimalist

I don't like having things. I try to own as few as possible. All the stuff I need to function would fit in a suitcase. I like owning few, but high-quality and well-purposed things. I just enjoy them more.

Okay, there are two exceptions: designer socks and books. Ha.

Minimalism for me is not just about things; it's about everything and everyone I interact with. I try to have less; things, connections, interactions, experiences. But each one to be deeper and more focused.

It's either "hell yeah" or "no".

Introvert who likes people

For a long time I thought I was an extrovert. Then I thought I was a total introvert.

Now I understand that I need, appreciate and care about people. And I truly enjoy spending time with them. But my batteries drain out pretty quickly.

Please don't be disappointed when I say no to social engagements; I'll be sure to get back to you once I'm ready.

I don't want to be famous

I don't, really. Any fame that I may ever amass will only be a byproduct of my work, not a goal or a value. I don't care about viral growth and having thousands of followers.

If you want to talk to me, reach out. If not, then I wish you an awesome day!

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Here's the music I listen to.