I’m Alex, He/Him. This is my little corner on the Internet. I used to write new stuff every day, but now I don’t. These days I write occasionally, take photos and take notes. I am the founder of a small business consulting company, Balanced. I also work with Thomas Frank as Head of Education. I’ve been a Notion Ambassador since 2019 (Ambassador no.15). Got Notion Certified at the very start of the program.


  • Born and grew up in Krakow, Poland, and still living here.
  • Interested in (no particular order):
  • Philosophy, art, art history, sociology, psychology, education, writing, environmentalism, urban planning, system design, film-making, sustainable living.
  • My life philosophy revolves around the concept of balance.
  • I love collaborating with like-minded people. My email inbox is open! a [at] antoszek.me


Living a quite happy and balanced life in Krakow. Travelling a lot whenever I can. Spending lots of great time with friends, family. Honestly, life wasn’t this good in a while. So grateful 🙏

Updated February 14th from Krakow, Poland.