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Wherever You Go - On My Way To Me

Sometimes friendships end. The ones you didn’t want to end. At least, end now. There was much still left to explore. Much to experience. A few strong words, a violently shut door. Tensions, appearing seemingly out of nowhere. A string, threaded carefully through time, ruptured. Gone. Your fault? Their fault? These endings are painful; as their sudden nature implies. Yet the pain doesn’t imply a transgression of life’s rules. The shore; a place where land ends.

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Wind Of Change - On My Way To Me

There’s nothing more majestic, more powerful - yet so subtle and delicate - as the wind. I am deeply fascinated by the wind. It’s the moving force of this world, a hand sweeping its palm through space. Destructive, at times? Of course. Powerful? Always. It’s this volatile, transient energy - sometimes very decisive, others - seemingly undecided. What a beautiful metaphor of life, life as a virtue. It represents motion, towards all directions.

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