The Metamorphosis - Franz Kafka

Author: [[Franz Kafka]]
Year: 1915
Original lang: Czech
Translator: Chris Wyllie
Edition: [[Project Gutenberg]]


Gregor Samsa - traveling salesman, has to pay off his parents' debt.

Rapid change

Suddenly transforms into a bug-like being.

Wake up & initial denial - it must all be a dream

Sudden change - a hidden fear in all of us?
Usually, we're not built to handle rapid change very well. Kafka expresses an internal fear of many of us by describing this sudden, surprising transition - for better or worse.

Family doesn't accept; denial and surprise. Better be quiet about it. They keep him away from the maid; don't move flats because of him.

Loosing Humanity

Loss of human traits: [[What does it mean to be human]]. Removing the furniture - a loss of remembrance?

Form vs substance - loose the outside, keep the inside

Can you sympathize with a nasty bug?

Breaking point: Greta back-stabs Gregor.

[[Humanity]] [[Deprecation]]


While the father may seem the most abusive and devastating, Greta was the deciding cause of Gregor's fate.

The moment when she stopped supporting him (believing in his humanity), he started his ultimate decay.