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I don't wanna win

Hey Lord, You know I’m tired Hey Lord, You know I’m tired Hey Lord, You know I’m tired of tears Hey Lord, just cut me loose Hey Lord, You know I’m fighting Hey Lord, You know I’m fighting I’m sure this world is done with me Hey Lord, You know it’s true Now the tide is rolling in I don’t wanna win Let it take me, let it take me

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We seem to carry a lot of weight these days. Stress, anxiety, pressure. Both internal and external. All that stuff accumulates. Little by little, piece by piece, fills us up, like a tank. But, at a certain point, we can’t contain it any longer. It boils over. Spills like an overcooked soup. A nasty soup of anger, confusion, and tiredness. It seems being part of civilization, among all of its benefits, also bears a huge burden.

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Focus is a skill. A virtue. Something we can learn, but also loose. It’s an elusive feeling. We might feel focused for months, years, but one day – we might realize we’ve been focusing on the wrong thing all that time. No focus – no results. Without any sort of direction, topic, theme, it’s almost impossible to achieve, to create anything. Our mind is wonderfully curious, yet it needs a sort of filter to tame that curiosity.

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Third Time’s A Charm

As the new year approaches, I’m excited to present you another photograph from my yearly “Man In the Internet” series, titled “Third Time’s A Charm”. “Man In the Internet” is my longest-running series, starting all the way back in 2017. These photographs served as my public profile photos all over the web. A long time ago I decided to not share my face online, and these artworks served perfectly as a substitute.

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Tough Nut to Chew

Sometimes, obstacles appear. They’re not necessarily problems - inconveniences, rather. Things we trip up over. The common approach is to cautiously avoid these obstacles. To look for excuses, signposts showing us a possible detour. In the end, obstacles make us. They are the way to go. Through confrontation we become fuller, brighter. Their unpleasantness shall not deter us.


A clear surface, nicely polished. So normal, so perfect. One to adore, one to impress. Till the cracks start showing up. Something creeps up from the surface. A nasty substance, so it seems. Destroying the smoothness, abolishing the perfectness. The truth has come out. It’s easy to hide, just stand where everyone is looking. The cracks are the truth. The cracks are the beauty.

Wherever You Go - On My Way To Me

Sometimes friendships end. The ones you didn’t want to end. At least, end now. There was much still left to explore. Much to experience. A few strong words, a violently shut door. Tensions, appearing seemingly out of nowhere. A string, threaded carefully through time, ruptured. Gone. Your fault? Their fault? These endings are painful; as their sudden nature implies. Yet the pain doesn’t imply a transgression of life’s rules. The shore; a place where land ends.

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Wind Of Change - On My Way To Me

There’s nothing more majestic, more powerful - yet so subtle and delicate - as the wind. I am deeply fascinated by the wind. It’s the moving force of this world, a hand sweeping its palm through space. Destructive, at times? Of course. Powerful? Always. It’s this volatile, transient energy - sometimes very decisive, others - seemingly undecided. What a beautiful metaphor of life, life as a virtue. It represents motion, towards all directions.

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